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Child-Resistant Paper Tube Packaging

2023/04/03 18:02:55


Our Child resistant paper tubes are novel packaging for your brand and products.
This child resistant paper tube features a locking button. The button locks into the hole on the lid. To open the lid, you have to press the button. It increases the difficulty for children to open the lid.

The CR paper tube is a special presence in the cannabis packaging world,  Cardboard tubes can easily draw customer’s attention on the retail shelf thanks to its elegant cylinder shape.

CFY Colorful vape cartridge CBD oil packaging box vaping paper tube cardboard empty tube packaging E-cigar gift boxes with EVA

More vape kits are popular in the market as more people are sending their family members or friends a vape kit as gifts on the special days like birthday, Christmas etc.

There are a wide range of vape kits to choose from in the highly competitive marketplace.

To catch customers’ eyes even from on the store shelf, the packaging boxes must be as special and appealing as possible.

Custom tube boxes easily stand out due to its special cylinder shape. Personalized in sizes allows brand owners to pack whatever is needed in a kit, either molds, starter kit, e-juice flavors packs.

Better yet, the extra insert inside the tube well fix the contents and provide them with premium protection in shipping.

Custom printing together w/ coating or finishes adds value to the vape kits, and create a special and precious vape present.

Paper Tube Solutions offers a wide selection of customization options for tube boxes.

Except dimension, they could be tailored to be any printing, finishes & styles.

In addition, we support customization with full-color printing, embossing, debossing, spot UV, and foil stamping. This adds an aesthetic sense to convey your brand values and attributes, helping your brands stand out in a dispensary shelf.

Material: Recyclable paper

Application: For cannabis flower, vape pod, vape cartridge, vape pen packaging, and edibles

Your vape pen brand deserves top shelf packaging. CFY is a premier supplier of custom vaporizers and custom child resistant vaporizer packaging.
we can custom the size and printng for you. CFY will be able to consult with you regarding your options and what the best solutions could be.