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The Most Popular Environmentally Friendly 100% Degradable Paper Tube You Need in 2022

2022/06/20 10:56:29

With the increasing voices of protecting the environment, caring for the earth and saving resources in the world, the international market has stricter and stricter requirements for product packaging. Harmless, pollution-free and recyclable environmentally friendly packaging plays a pivotal role in commodity export trade.

As a leader in paper packaging in China, we always keep in mind the concept of environmental protection and are committed to promoting environmentally friendly paper packaging to the world. The following types of degradable and exquisite paper packaging that can be used in many industries have been launched, and can be used in clothing, food, cosmetics,electronic cigarettes, etc., as shown in the figure below


1.Eco friendly 0.3OZ 0.5OZ 1OZ 15OZ 2OZ 2.5OZ sure deodorant push up tube cosmetic paper tube lip balm tube custom print lipstick 


2.Custom Hot Sale Eco Friendly Round Paper Box Green tea loose tea coffee dried flower tea paper tube Packaging



3.Custom Logo Printing 100% Recycled Material Colorful Cosmetic Paper Gift Box Skin Care Beauty Cardboard Cylinder Packaging PVC

4.2022 Hot popular Wholesale Custom nut fruit food round tube cardboard box aluminum foil inside paper container with metal lid

There are two advantages of eco-friendly paper tube packaging:


Firstly,environmentally friendly packaging materials are generally reusable, using renewable packaging materials, edible packaging materials, and degradable materials.


Secondly,the environmentally friendly packaging body saves materials, minimizes waste and energy, is easy to recycle and reuse, and does not produce secondary pollution from packaging waste.

In order to protect the environment, take action and use environmentally friendly paper packaging together.


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