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Under the global trend of replacing plastic with paper tubes, how to carry out food packaging?

2022/06/20 14:21:19

Don't worry, CFY food grade paper tubes are an excellent choice.

1. Details:

①Material: CFY cylinder paper tube  is a packaging container with paper as the main raw material. The material is recycled and environmentally friendly. It uses 100% degradable food-grade packaging materials. Customers can use a variety of materials, including white cardboard, kraft paper, and special paper. , cardboard, Levin paper, coated paper, double-sided paper, sand tube paper...


②Appearance: It has a cylindrical three-dimensional structure, excellent physical properties, and has a very good display effect.


③Printing: CMYK printing, bronzing, offset printing, laser printing, gloss lamination, debossing, embossing... can be used to meet your various needs for printing

 Cover: can also be customized according to customer needs, can use 


⑤The circular paper tube packaging produced by CFY is different from ordinary packaging forms. It accepts customized packaging from customers, which helps to help customers' products achieve better marketing effects.


2. Scope of application:

At present, CFY paper tube packaging has been used in many industries such as food, gifts, cosmetics, electronic products, daily chemical products, pet food, etc.,

We participated in exhibitions many times, coorperated with Wanke, Huawei, Starbuck, Loreal, BYD and get lots of good feekbacks.
Among them in The application in the field of food packaging is more obvious and has been unanimously affirmed by the market.

3. Product advantages:

①CFY food paper can packaging presents a cylindrical three-dimensional structure, and the display effect is remarkable, which helps to achieve differentiated product marketing.

②Composite paper cans, as a kind of CFY cylindrical paper cans, are made of paper and aluminum foil composite materials, with good sealing performance, which can play the role of waterproof and moisture-proof, and meet the sealing needs of most customer products for packaging.

 ③CFY cylindrical paper can packaging not only conforms to the development concept of green environmental protection packaging, but also has been recognized by the market for its excellent airtightness and the unique and exquisite design packaging form of customers compared with traditional ordinary paper packaging.

4. Company advantages:

①. Nearly 10 years of experience in the production of paper tubes and boxes packaging

②. Excellant Quality, Factory Price

③. Fast lead time

④. Heidelberg Printing machine

⑤. Custom all kinds of paper products
⑥. Excellent service

⑦. Product quality is guaranteed

⑧.In addation, we are Alibaba field certification manufacturers, which is specialized in making paper cans, tubes, boxes packaging.

⑨. We are also Jin Pincheng enterprise strength merchants certified by Alibaba, which is a quality supplier. Our products and after-sales can be guaranteed.

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