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When click, you can know all aspects of environmental protection paper tube packaging,

2022/07/25 13:59:37
 When it comes to cylindrical paper cans, I believe that  friends are no strangers. I don’t know when the cylindrical paper can packaging began to rise, and it has been favored by the packaging field of various industries. The reason why paper cans are becoming more and more popular, its advantages must be indispensable. Let us analyze where the advantages are from the perspective of the composition of paper can packaging materials.
Many friends have this question: Are paper cans made of paper? The cylindrical paper can is a packaging container with paper as the main raw material. According to the structure and properties of the paper can, the composition of raw materials is also different, and the proportion of paper will also be different. Therefore, the tightness of the paper can packaging, There are also differences in structure and properties.

All-paper cans are packaging made entirely of paper. At present, all-paper cans are usually used in gifts, electronic products, daily chemicals, and the food industry with inner bags. The composite paper can is composed of composite materials such as paper and aluminum foil, which has high barrier properties and excellent sealing performance, and can play the role of waterproof and moisture-proof, and is now widely used in the field of food packaging.

The composite paper can is made of paper and aluminum foil composite material, and the inner wall is attached with a layer of aluminum foil, which has high barrier properties and can achieve excellent sealing, thus playing the role of waterproof and moisture-proof. At present, composite paper can packaging is mainly used in some industries that have strict requirements on packaging sealing, such as food, daily chemical products, pet food and other fields, especially in the field of food packaging, which is more widely used and meets the requirements of most food products. The sealing requirements of packaging are widely favored by the food industry.

With the development trend of replacing plastic with paper in global packaging, paper packaging has received extensive attention from the market. As one of the representatives of paper packaging, cylindrical paper can is a packaging container with paper as raw material, which is in line with the development trend of global green packaging and will undoubtedly usher in better development prospects. Then, many friends will be curious, how are paper tubes produced?

Compared with other packaging forms, the packaging structure of cylindrical paper cans is complex and diverse, and there are many production processes for paper cans. No matter what kind of structure of paper can packaging, its production process is indispensable for rolling, wet cutting, drying, paper mounting, labeling, quality inspection, assembly, packing and other process links. Of course, the specific process flow should be increased according to the structural characteristics of the paper can.
At present, the paper can packaging used in the domestic market is mainly inner/outer curling, inner and outer ferrules and composite paper cans. Due to the different structure of the paper can packaging, its properties and characteristics will also be different, so the main application scope is also different. Today, composite paper cans are mainly used in the field of food packaging, while crimping and inner and outer core paper cans are mainly used in gifts, cosmetics, daily necessities and other fields.

Speaking of which, many friends will ask what are the advantages of cylindrical paper tube packaging compared to tin cans?
Paper can is a kind of paper packaging, which is in line with the development concept of global green packaging. Since the state issued the "Plastic Restriction Order" in 2008, until 2020, the plastic restriction order has been upgraded again, and the control of plastic restriction actions in many industries has been strengthened. From another level, it reflects the country's emphasis on environmental protection, and it is imperative to ban plastic restrictions. . Using paper instead of plastic as one of the feasible solutions will attract the attention of the society.

Secondly, paper can packaging has superior functional properties and a wide range of applications, which meets the packaging needs of more and more products, especially for some food industries that have tight packaging requirements, and prefer paper can packaging. At present, paper cans have been used in many industries such as food, daily chemical products, gifts, electronic products and so on.
In addition, paper can packaging can achieve more exquisite packaging effects through the printing process, making the product packaging look more beautiful and higher, meeting the aesthetic needs of packaging in different industries, and enhancing the product market competitiveness.

With the increasingly prominent advantages of paper can packaging, cylindrical paper can packaging has received more attention, and paper can packaging will also usher in better development. Friends of the major businessmen, hurry up and act, Shenzhen CFY paper Co,Ltd will give you a beautiful and affordable packaging paper tube, which will make your product sales to a higher level. https://www.cfypapertube.com/blog/what-are-paper-tubes-used-for.html

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