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Catering to the general trend of global environmental protection, choosing environmentally friendly cylindrical packaging will be a good choic

2022/06/01 17:33:33

Are you looking for cylindrical packaging for canned products? Is it getting harder and harder to find beautiful packaging with the ban on plastics?

I think environmentally friendly cylindrical packaging can solve these problems for you. Where can environmentally friendly cylindrical packaging lead your packaging?

①Differentiation:  With the development of the packaging and printing industry, cylindrical paper can packaging has become more and more widely used in the market, and the industries and categories involved are becoming more and more abundant. As a paper packaging, cylindrical paper cans can be differentiated by The differentiated form of square packaging makes customers' eyes shine, and wins customers' deep impression with novel and exquisite packaging to promote product sales


 ② Policy advantages:  The emergence of the ban on plastics has promoted the development trend of replacing plastics with paper in the packaging market, making paper packaging more popular in the market.


③Performance:  Although paper cans are a type of paper packaging, their physical properties are stable and suitable for packaging in various industries. At present, CFY Paper Products Industry Co., Ltd. (https://www.cfypapertube.com/) produces more full-paper paper tubes, mainly flat bottom covers and upper and lower curling edges, which are practical and beautiful; there are also food-grade composite paper tubes, which can meet the sealing requirements of most foods and are waterproof and moisture-proof. effect. Packaging products are widely used in food, gifts, cosmetics, electronic products, daily chemicals, clothing, jewelry and other industries, and have won a good market reputation

Choose CFY Paper Products Industry Co., Ltd. to meet your requirements for environmental protection, high quality, cheap and exquisite packaging